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How to hack pubg mobile - config active.sav aimbot|headshot|magicbullet|hightdamage|fixlag

How to hack pubg mobile - config active.sav aimbot|headshot|magicbullet|hightdamage|fixlag

In this explanation I will show you how to hacking pubg mobile for free . Aimbot and headshot and hight damage and fix lag 2gb 3gb 4gb ram. The people searching for hack pubg mobile s13 but this season hasn't a official hack uploaded but this hack is safe and the youtubers (Levinho and Tacaz and Sevou and Ruppo and more ) played with this hack because it safe and no band and works for no root and root .

So if you need to hack pubg and kill the enemies fastly you want to get this hack . Download the file in bellow page 👇 and extract the file with the RAR application or Zarchiver application . Download this applications RAR & Zarchiver from google play or app store for apple. The password of  this file in this video
 so write the password and extract the file of active.sav and config. 

This hack pubg mobile s13 v0.18.0 is safe and workes for any devices android and iphone (apple). 

How to work this hack pubg mobile

This hack is simple for works just read this full topic and watch the full video ☝️ for more explain . 
Go to the my files after extract the file and find the file and enter it. If enter it you have 2 files one for active save and one for config. It's simple to work enter the active.sav and choice the active.sav for you device ram if you have phone of 3 gb ram choice the 30 fps and if you have 2gb ram choice 25 fps , 40 fps for 4gb ram , 60 fps for 6gb ram . And copy the finaly file active.sav and go to the android and data and find the file for pubg mobile com.tencent.ig enter it and enter file and ue4game and shadow and shadow and saved and savegames and paste the file and click to apply for all items and replace.
Now go the the hack file and enter this time on config and choice the config you need classic or colorful or movie. After this copy the finaly file and go to android/data/com.tencent.ig/file/ue4game/shadow/shadow/saved/config/android and paste here and click apply to all items and replace . Now enter the pubg for playing safe.
And more cheack the setting in pubg if you changed the setting modified it and enjoyed playing.

Now if you played and finished and get out on pubg and next time you need to play pubg mobile with this hack repaited the all steps because pubg deleted the modified file auto . And you need to replace the files another time for another played pubg mobile. That steps in all time you need to playing pubg with hack aimbot and headshot and no lag.

The link in mediafire directly downloaded. So enter this link 👇 and he redirected to my channel telegram and you click the mediafire link to download this file. Enjoyed the game .


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