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PUBG MOBILE vs FREE FIRE : 5 differences between pubg mobile and free fire

PUBG MOBILE vs FREE FIRE : 5 differences between pubg mobile and free fire

PUBG MOBILE vs FREE FIRE : 5 differences between pubg mobile and free fire

In this topic we compare the two games to show you what best choose between PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. PUBG Mobile has been a huge hit among mobile gamers and the lot of streamers playing pubg mobile. pubg is trending worldwide, it is closely contested by Free Fire.

PUBG Mobile has achieved tremendous success among mobile players, and has become popular worldwide since its launch in 2018, which is a stronger competitor than Garena Free Fire. These royale multiplayer games can be played online alone or you can enter with your friends in duo and team mode. The goal of both games is to be the last person standing at the end of the match and get a chicken dinner for pubg or Booyah for free fire.

In this article, we’ll compare the two games to help you choose between PUBG Mobile and Free Fire.

#1: Downloads

PUBG MOBILE vs FREE FIRE : 5 differences between pubg mobile and free fire

Free Fire is the most popular number one survival game with over 500 million downloads on Appstore and Google Play, while PUBG Mobile has only been downloaded by 100 million users. Google Trends is starkly different in popularity for both games.

Free Fire surpassed pubg mobile in this section due to the relatively small size of the game and the smoothness of the game it offers even on weak devices so that everyone who owns a phone with 1GB of RAM can download the game and play smoothly. In comparison, people prefer to play PUBG Mobile with the help of third-party applications and that pubg mobile cannot be played on weak devices because it has several things that make it smooth and at a frame rate of very few in devices that have 3 gb ram, they need devices with a powerful processor and ram outperforms 4gb. And the download size of PUBG Mobile is about 2 GB on Android and 2.4 GB on IOS while free fire does not exceed approximately 600 mg.

#2 Graphics

PUBG MOBILE vs FREE FIRE : 5 differences between pubg mobile and free fire

When it comes to graphics, PUBG Mobile beats free fire. PUBG Mobile uses the Unreal engine, which is very popular among computer and smartphones, so this engine offers very realistic and very smooth graphics. Pubg mobile requires a very stable internet connection to run the game smoothly and highly skilled and the system requirements for your device must be Android 5.1.1 or higher and it must have at least 3 GB of RAM to run the game.

Free Fire game has good graphics but it doesn't live up to pubg mobile graphics. In addition to the smooth graphics, Free Fire also provides easy-to-use controls so that the weapon does not have recoil and get aimbot from the game while the pubg mobile is realistic and has realistic recoil of the weapons and you must control everything in order to win at the end of the game.

#3 Characters

PUBG MOBILE vs FREE FIRE : 5 differences between pubg mobile and free fire

As we know, Free Fire has many characters to choose from, and they continue to add characters more regularly. You can start with two free characters: Evo & Adam, and unlock the rest by spending the diamonds you buy with real money, or with in-game currency. Each character comes with a special ability and can be upgraded using it often. For example: Caroline's negative skill is "agility", which causes her to move faster while using the gun. These abilities are useful in the early and subsequent stages of the game.

In the early game, the increased movement speed allows for faster looting and movement, which helps it to prepare quickly before entering combat. In the last playzone of the game, speed helps bridge the gap between Caroline and her enemies, allowing her rifle to cause fatal damage. This way you can use the facilities to your advantage.

However, in the case of PUBG Mobile there are a lot of characters, some of which are free and some that are paid, but there are no such characters, although they do allow players to change their appearance. However, characters cannot be used in Evo mode in Battle Royale because they are only characters and there are no teams. The only difference in pubg mobile is the player's skill, not the character.

#4 Battle Royale Mode

In PUBG Mobile, players need to land, prepare and go chase. The person who survives the classic battle of 100 players wins and the winning chicken dinner logo appears. PUBG also offers four detailed battlefields that vary in size, terrain, day / night cycles, and dynamic weather. The four maps are: Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi and Miramar. This allows you to always change your mood and not feel bored.

By comparison, Free Fire is a faster game. The 50 player in lobby takes a steep point in a smaller map that each player strives to survive on a remote island, and because of this Nag appears in just 10 minutes of play.

#5 Vehicles

PUBG MOBILE vs FREE FIRE : 5 differences between pubg mobile and free fire

What distinguishes Free Fire and PUBG Mobile is the presence of multiple vehicles on the map. However, PUBG Mobile beats the free fire because it has a feature that also allows water to navigate by boat and has a large group of vehicles, unlike Free Fire, which has limited options, and one can only choose between either a car or a motorcycle. Several cars and different motorcycles.

Cars in PUBG Mobile are in different areas of each map to use, to navigate very quickly between map areas, and fight with enemies, and contain around 40-100% of the fuel. The vehicles we find in PUBG Mobile are listed below:

Buggy ☆ UAZ  ☆ Motorcycle ☆ Scooter Tukshai ☆ Dacia ☆  Mirado ☆ Minibus ☆ Pickup ☆ Rony ☆ Aquarail ☆ PG-117


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