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How to hack new season of pubg mobile 1.3.1 S18 and s19 new Fnmods esp ?

 How to hack new season of pubg mobile 1.3.1 S18 and s19 new Fnmods esp ?

How to hack new season of pubg mobile 1.3.1 S18 and s19 new Fnmods esp ?

Hello friends , in this lesson I will show you how to get Fnmods esp hack for root and no root . This Fnmods esp will work without any problems to hack pubg mobile new update 1.3.1 latest season 18 . Just read this topic to know how to get free Fnmods esp for hacking Pubg Mobile new update and how to work and more just keep reading this topic guys.

This hack fnmodsesp airMax APK is for root and no root and it working for all versions of pubg mobile 1.3.1 latest update S18 . The link in down page and not download and exit this page , please read all topic step by step to knowing how to work and not getting band in main id . And let me a feedback by share my lesson to your friends.

How to hacking PUBG Mobile S18 & S19 root and no root ?

What's this Fnmods esp ! Fnmods esp is an application like sharpshooter application for hacking pubg mobile version 1.3.1 without band but the deferent is fnmods esp work all device root or no root but sharpshooter is working just for devices routed.

To hack pubg mobile all version download the application link in bellow page and install it in your android device . Now if you have root in your device install it and open it . After opening fnmods esp you showing a more options and after one second you get notified to subscribe on YouTube or Telegram channel choose one and go back to fnmods esp airMax.

Now you getting an options 32 bit and 64bit and all versions of pubg mobile 1.3.1 choose what you have and now go to pubg to opening it first and gett lobby of pubg mobile now go back to fnmods esp and click start or activate esp.

Now will direct you automatically or manually to pubg mobile S18 and will done you an icon of fnmods esp like game guardian click it and choose any thing you need to activate for hacking pubg mobile 1.3.1 .

Now , if haven't root in your device you need something for fnmods esp has working good on your device. You need to install a virtual application and gett him all permissions to work very good and haven't a problems now open virtual and cloning pubg and fnmods esp . Now open fnmods esp and do the same thing of device rooted 👆 for fnmods esp working very good .

How to play safe and not getting band in main id ?

The best option to not getting band on main id it is not playing on main id and create new account because any hack of pubg mobile In a moment you will getting band now or tomorrow or in future so please play on new account .

But if you need to play on main id of pubg mobile latest update 1.3.1 you need to play safe and don't active all thing just active radar of enemies and play very safe .

How to hack new season of pubg mobile 1.3.1 S18 and s19 new Fnmods esp ?

Link to download the application fnmods esp radar airMax it is on my channel telegram please follow my channel telegram for more lessons or any thing .

Link fnmods esp latest update here : 

Link Fnmods esp the final here : https://t.me/freeflix90/509


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