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How to get Free 2 or 5 days cccam server ?

 How to get Free 2 or 5 days cccam server ?

How to get Free 2 or 5 days cccam server ?

To download the application for get free cccam server for 2 days or 5 days go to this link now and download it and install it now for watching football match and the FIFA world cup Qatar 2022 for free:


What does it mean cccam server ?

The purpose of this article is to explain in details how a Cccam server works and what you need to set up one at home. I hope this helps the beginners to understand what Cccam or newcamd is and what benefits can be obtained from it.

The cccam work with wifi or internet data , you write or put the cccam server in your reciever and connect it with internet and go to best satellite astra or hotbird or any satellite you need and open the crypto channels and will open and start watching matches or any thing .

How does cccam server work?

As we have indicated needs Cccam server to A host computer or TV acts as a receiver and can then send the signal to any other receivers. One specific card makes it happen to serve different TVs. You must have broadband services enabled to make server usage possible in the given setup. A good quality CCcam server will give you complete access to the best TV stations.

How to use my application to get free 2 days or 5 days cccam server?

After download and install the app. Open it and will give you some thing in the screen scroll down and will see the counterdown 30 seconds after finish you can see generate free 5 days cccam server or something like that 

How to get Free 2 or 5 days cccam server ?

But you can also get 2 days cccam server for free by register an account on the app for free and the account give you 2 times to test a cccam server any time gives you 2 days is equal 4 days on the one account after finish 4 days free cccam servers you can register a new account and get new 4 days cccam server for free.

How to register is simply go to the 3 dashes in sidebar and choose the 4 choice and will direct you to page to register or login so you can register for free.

Now after registration and login to the account click on the 3 dashe in right button not the first 3 dashes in sidebar in left this time click on the right button and click on manage cccam

Will give you this page:
How to get Free 2 or 5 days cccam server ?

Choose any one of free cccam and click generate and will gives you the cccam server .

Free CCcamServer easy to you 

We've installed anti freezing v7.2 system in our all premium cccam server, our premium server running much stable and no freeze don't compare our free server with premium server, we've added more than 4 free server for public because we are now big community and there is lots of free lines generated by public daily basic that way we add more free server becouse sometimes free server going to shut down due to over load but our paid server always uptime granteed and the premium server have all channels for kids to up so you cannot tell us this free server is bad request or something.

Minimum Speed Requirement

Cccam Free needs a Maximum of 1 Mbps internet speed to become more stable. If you have internet below to 1 Mbps you may get buffering, freezing, or cutting.

Testcline don't provide or include any premium content that don't allowed or permit to use without owner permission.
our cccam generated make cccam user directly in our local cccam application which is paired with all the free to air biss key program which is allowed anyone with the correct equipment to view the program material.

CCcam Server Reseller panel

Testline server is the world's best free to air biss key cccam service provider, testline servers are launched with the latest hardware and software, and are of high quality or reliable. Our CCCAM SERVER is the best because of the reasons, first of all our exclusive v7.2 deve antifreeze systems.

Why You Need To Upgrade ?

The free CCcam has no relation with the PRO CCcam, is totally a different server.
Please Do Not Compare or make an idea from it, The PRO CCcam is More Powerful and More Stable.
The Free Server is Just a Reshare From Some Cards and Some Cache ECM, Please if you want a Stable and Freez Free Watching you have to move to CCcam PRO.

Enjoy the application 👇


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