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Vidmate APK - Download Free Vidmate App for Android (2022 version)

 Vidmate APK - Download Free Vidmate App for Android (new 2022 version)

Vidmate APK - Download Free Vidmate App for Android (2022 version)

Want to download Films Videos or Music on your Android device?first thing Download Vidmate APK 2022 now and start to download any HD videos or Films from more than 500 websites including Youtube,  Tik Tok , Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Vidmate pro APK Download and Install

You can download the vidmat pro apk from this links :

After Download it ho to files and download file and choose vidmate pro apk and press on it to install.

That’s it! On the top you will see popular websites that support Vidmate app. You can click on it and search there for a video or music you want to download. Like YouTube, if you see the best video or music or film and you want to download it , simple copy the link and go to vidmat pro apk and paste in the box of url and press download, and the vidmate gives you the video to download easy.

If you wonder what Vidmate app for Android gadgets is, here are a few paragraphs explaining this application.

Vidmate APK App Features

APK-file is small in size and doesn’t burn your mobile traffic.

Vidmate allows a user to download any video file from any popular sites.

The video downloader is 100% free and doesn’t have any hidden features.

Vidmate supports popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

The overall number of sites is over 500 thousand.

User interface is easy and very smooth.

Before downloading a video you can select a quality of the file. It starts from original quality(whether it’s 4K, HD or 480p...) to the heavily compressed 320p and 240p.

The app is constantly updated.

Android version 2.2 and higher is supported.

Although Vidmate app receives constant updates you still can run into a few error. Here is a short list of errors and fixes that you can do to install the app or to continue using it.

My installation is blocked by Play Protect.

Click on ‘Install Anyway’. The app is safe and won’t do any harm to your phone.

I can’t install Vidmate APK anyway.

You need to turn on the option ‘Install apps from Unknown Sources‘. To do this, open Settings, go to Security options and find ‘Device Management‘. Tap on it and scroll down to the ‘Unknown Sources‘. Make sure the option is enabled, if not then tap on it so the mark will appear.

Also, don’t forget to use updated version of Android. This video downloader supports Android versions starting from 2.2 it’s better to have the recent OS version to experience more stable work of your phone or tablet.

I’m getting ‘Server Error’ on launch.

Reload the application to see if the error appears. From time to time Vidmate receives critical updates and you should install them and don’t use older versions. WE know that many people don’t like to update the software but in case with the Vidmate these updates are necessary.

Enjoy the application vidmat pro apk.


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